Coaching & Mentoring

So you run an established business [5 years or more] and:

- You still find yourself working too hard?

- You don't get the time off that you want?

- Your staff are OK but could be more productive?

- The same problems keep recurring?

- The business has not provided the ROI that it should?

Coaching is all about not so much knowing what to do, but more about doing what you aleady know! It is about being consistent about good leadership and structure

The Five Steps:

1 Clear roadblocks - What is holding you back

2. Best Fit - What is the skillset required to create success and what is the gap?

3. Automation - Systemise your business so that you can spend your time doing what you love and do best

4. Implementation Plan - Step out the process of implementing every step in a highly strucured way

5. Accountability - Ensure that what has gotten in the way in the past does not happen again